Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This has been a common perception of love with the ladies. Girl meets tall,lanky,handsome boy,fall's in love with boy and butterflies begins to ooze out of every opening in her body. Boy walks up to girl and sweeps her off her feet and they live happily ever after. Oh! Please. There is no such thing as happily ever after, butterflies and wobbly knees are only a nibble compared to what true love really is.

It seems like majority of our single ladies are still swimming in the sea of happily ever after.They fail to realise that the moment you step into a relationship,you have taken up a huge responsibility. Relationship is about work! You keep working at it. You love him but he has issues,then you work at it. You don't just walk away because he has complex issues or because he sleeps around or because he snores in bed or because he doesn't spend enough on you or because you just found out that he has a child....And so on and so forth. In the name of love,you hang in there. You fight for love. A lot of girls are looking for the perfect ready made man but that man hasn't been created yet! You fail to realise that every guy has the seed in him(potentials) and your duty as a partner is to nurture that seed to grow into the man you want him to be. Ladies,wake up,stop wasting time dreaming about how to enjoy yourself,going to the movies and having a nice time when you ought to be nurturing his seed. Do you add value to his life? Courtship or dating shouldn't be only about going out and having fun,it should also be about really getting to know yourselves and building each other up. A woman is the crown of her man.That is how the Almighty made it,but you become the thorn of his flesh when you fail to acknowledge the power you have and make use of it. Ladies,you have got a lot work to do in your relationships.

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