Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Like addiction,obsession is bad and it kills love.Obsession can easily be confused with love,and that is why at the initial stage,it may seem to you,close friends and even family members that your partner who is obsessed with you is a gift from God to you, but not until he began to show traces of violence towards you(which is the last stage of obsession) or even to himself, that it begin to dawn on you what you've gotten yourself into.

The pathetic thing about obsession is that,everyone you turn to; to confide in thinks you're the one insane,who isn't thankful for what you have. Let me tell you this, there is nothing to rejoice about someone physically or electronically monitoring and even sometimes following you about throughout the course of a day to know your daily activities or whereabout. Some will even drive-by your home or place of work just to confirm that you're at where you say you are. No matter how angelic you maybe,you will always go wrong with an obsessed partner due to his or her extreme anxiety which leads to depression and tension in the relationship.

Obsession gets worse with time. The more time and effort invested in an obsessed based relationship,the more intense the obsession becomes. How? No amount of faithfulness or commitment can sway a person who is obsessed from having unfounded thoughts of infidelity about his or her partner. These is a strong feeling of mistrust, overwhelming fear of abandonment, including baseless thought of a partner walking out on the relationship in favour of another person. Of course,this isn't love but madness, sorry obsession. Obsession certainly is not an option and it's best not to be encouraged from the word go.

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