Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Honestly, this is not an issue I want to talk about, at least not for now, but believe me, nothing else is worth talking about than something that is destructive to the human mind.

It beats my imagination when I hear people talk about love in the face of severe hostility. Why, for heaven's sake, will someone have to be told that love does not hurt. In other words, if you're in a relationship in which you're not appreciated and you feel hurt, please do yourself a favour by leaving for good.

Love shouldn't be a do-or-die affair.

Do we realise that our successes and achievement in life greatly depend on our emotional state of mind? So, apart from the lovvy dovvy affair, we need the right emotional frame of mind to face life challenges. Whoever you are, or whoever you intend to become in life,depends largely on your emotional strength. A great idea can easily be killed on the ground of emotional weakness. The fact that an idea is great doesn't mean it will get everyone's approval and if you're the type that is emotionally weak, you will probably give up a beautiful or viable idea for something insignificant.

There is something called Positve Mental Attitude (PMA). A positive attitude is necessary for everything that is of good virtue from having a florishing business empire, a blissful relationship, and so on.

It is not how many times one falls that matters but how quick one rises each time one falls.

Reducing life to mere fantasy, won't do anyone any good. The idea of inflicting pain on yourself because it feels good to assume you are part of someone's life is called self-deception and it is counter-productive. If we do the necessary thing by quitting a relationship honourably when we are treated like sewage, most of what result into severe emotional trauma could be avoided. Don't you think so?

Sometimes there could be something that hurts you about your relationship, without getting confrontational, talk to your partner about it. But make sure logic takes preminence in issues and not sentiments or emotions. Mind you, emotion or sentiments will only take away pain for a while but it doesn't heal the cause of the pain.

When you talk to your partner about his/her attitude that breaks your heart, he/she should make amends within a responsible time frame if indeed, he/she loves you and cares about how you feel. But if that is not the case, you don't have any business hanging on in the relationship, waiting for him/her to ask you to move on. For me, I think it is a little bit absurd, if you have to be told that.

I, for one, or other like minds, are not made of steel, our attitude is what differentiates us as individuals. Attitude has a great deal of role to play in our life. There are positive and negative attitudes. Positive attitudes emanates from knowledge and wisdom.

It is unfortunate that in the name of love, we allow our emotions to be toyed with by someone who doesn't know our worth. Yes, if he/she knows your worth, he/she will reciprocate your emotion with love and not inflict pain in place of love.

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